The Hamburger Magic Quadrant, Introduction

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“I could really go for a Hamburger right about now” It started on an evening in January. Strolling out of the office, Wilson and I look to each other and decide in the moment to trod not in the direction of the Union Square subway stop but down 5th avenue toward a restaurant we’ve heard serves the best burger we’ll ever try. The Art of the Hamburger Truthfully, that’s how all hamburgers start. The hamburger isn’t an “I’m gonna plan my night around this” type of food group. It’s something you get while sitting at a bar. Despite the trend of some restaurants toward offering a gourmand burger, the vast majority of hamburgers are consumed by people who look at each other and say “yeah, why not grab a burger?” I don’t need data to support that statement. I just know. I can also tell you as a long time purveyor of hamburgers that there are a disproportionate number of bars where, hanging in the corner, you’ll find a chalkboard where written in thick washable Crayola you’ll find the claim “Best Burger in Town.” And the great thing about these hamburgers is that they’re all, with small exception, the best burger in town […]