Duplicating Datasources for Fun and Profit

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This short post was inspired by a Tableau Forum post forwarded to me by Wilson yesterday: https://community.tableau.com/thread/239017 To Summarize: I want to select a month in a time series view and use it to see that month in comparison to other months. This sounds simple but because of the way filter actions work it can be tough to achieve. Basically, a filter action restricts the target views to only the data contained in the selection you made – that means when we pick one month, we lose the context required to do month-over-month comparisons. There are some ways re-design the dashboard so it does what we want – We could require the user to select two months (by clicking-and-dragging or holding down the ctrl key). That works, but it could be a little confusing for our end user. Or, we could use quick filters or parameters to control the target view in a different way than by using filter actions. Clear directions on the dashboard would make this easy to use. But it might not be as delightful as clicking directly on the visualization. Finally, we could write an L.O.D. expression – the FIXED command operates before filters on the target view, meaning if we’re clever […]