Podcast: The Tableau Journey with MK Quigley

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“My job isn’t to change things to Times New Roman a thousand times” – MK Quigley Listen in brower: MK is a former coworker of mine, though before that she was a customer, and now she is a customer again. She is frighteningly smart and has the unique combination of creative thinking skills and logical reasoning that makes for a spectacular Tableau analyst. And despite that, she doesn’t refer to herself as an analyst. This episode was scheduled for an hour but we just kept talking. Things we discussed: Realizing, upon starting in an analyst role, that things you previously thought should be simple are actually incredibly complicated. The credibility that comes with admitting you don’t know something. Is “analyst” a job or a function? Features that we wish Tableau would build. Features that we hope Tableau doesn’t build – *ahem* – Dynamic Parameters, we’re coming for you. I’m so glad to have had a non-employee on. Hopefully we’ll have some more brave customers step up and brave the Thunderdome that is my kitchen table / podcast studio. Thanks for listening. Podcast notes: You can listen to Tableau on Tableau using any podcast app. Just search for Tableau on Tableau. Or, if you’re […]